about TSAP

Vision of TSAP is nothing less than being a role model in designing and translating the realizations of the full potential of Architecture, Design and Planning and its synergetic effect on all the students and stakeholders through planned curriculum and step-by-step evaluation of a progress by means of Futuristic Planning & Architectural Design Development for ultimate growth & productivity that shapes our universal access to Research & Education, full participation in culture & built environment and adopt to a regional, national and global outlook in all our activities.



Mission of TSAP is to develop a diverse, socially and environmentally responsible, enlightened professional in planning, design and architecture, through a process of skill acquisition, critical thinking and value definition. In so doing, TSAP pursues this mission within a creative environment of inquiry and collegiality in the fulfillment and advancement of spatial justice, urban revitalization and sustainability, and design for the everyday experience.



Thakur School of Architecture and Planning shall achieve the following Quality Objectives and improve upon it with changing needs with each passing year... Knowledge and Pioneering have no end

  • Enhance Inspiration among the students
  • Enhance number of Rational Discourses on Architecture through Mind Steering Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
  • Managing the Architectural Knowledge through "Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer"
  • Improve the Communication Skills of the Students
  • Peer Development
  • Promote Architectural Exploration, Research and Innovation
  • Explore and Uncover Innovative Ways of making the students learn



  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transparency
  • Discipline
  • Quality
  • Research & Innovation
  • Team Spirit
  • Passion
  • Intellectual Ethics
  • Humane Touch


about TSAP