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UG Programme

The College runs a 5 years degree programme - Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch).

A. Choice Based Curriculum:
School remaining within the curriculum of University, has been able to provide choice through the implementation of college projects & electives based on students choice in concurrence with the subject teachers.

B. Integrated Programmes and Projects:
The School proposes to take up live Architectural Projects to  continuously expose students & faculty to the practical project scenario.

C. Mandatory & Elective Course Listing:
Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) Semester - I.

Semester - I Credits
Sub. No Subjects Theory Studio Total
101 Architectural Design Studio   4 4
102 Allied Design Studio   4 4
103 Architectural Building Construction & Material 2 3 5
104 Theory and Design of Structures 3   3
105 Humanities 3   3
106 Environmental Studies 2   2
107 Architectural Representation and detailing   6 6
120 College Projects   6 6
121 Elective   3 3
  Total 10 26 36

D.  Elective Courses:

  • Visual Arts
  • Traditional Crafts 
  • Contemporary Crafts

E.  Credit Requirements:
The minimum credit required for award of a B. Arch degree is 340. Out of which (36X9)=324 credits are normally divided into Theory Courses, Studios, Electives, Seminars and Projects in duration of nine semesters. And 16 credits will be granted for completion of professional practice of 16 weeks.

F.  Evaluation of College Projects:
Seminars, Tutorials, Additional Classes for any course. Guest Lectures, putting up Exhibitions, Workshops, participating in Architectural Competitions or conducting Site Visits or Study Tours.

G.  Attendance:
Attendance for all Theory, Studio, Seminar & Project/ Dissertation is compulsory. As per the University ordinance 119, 75% attendance is compulsory for keeping the term.

H.  Course Commencement:
Classes for 1st year of a 5 years B. Arch Course shall commence as per schedule announced by DTE


about TSAP